The Mission

There's a huge problem with modern education.

Modern education creates memorizers, and not change makers. Change makers are necessary in order for us to deal with problems that come up in the future.

Education today doesn't focus on any of the skills that are necessary for professional success. We're caught up with forcing the teenagers of today's society to learn math or science, subjects that some of them may not be passionate about.

It was out of this observation that Teendemy was born.

Teendemy aims to bridge the gap between academic education and professional success by bringing world-class experts to teach on what they think modern education misses out on.

We're excited to do this, and we hope you will join us on this journey as well.

The Team

Sumukh Setty; Founder and CEO

Sumukh Setty is currently a senior at Lynbrook High School in San Jose. He currently serves as the Founder and Curator of TEDxLynbrookHighSchool, which is planning its second event for early next year. He also serves as a host on Media Mahima's teen centered radio show, Thank Gosh It's Fresh. His latest project is Teendemy, with which he hopes to inspire the next generation of workers and make them ready to contribute to the world.

Abhay Varmaraja; Co-Founder and COO

Abhay Varmaraja is currently a senior at the Harker School. He works as a Team Teal student volunteer for the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. He enjoys volunteering, being recognized by the The President's Volunteer Service award. He aslo serves as vice-president of the multi-cultural club and plays varsity basketball. His interests include mathematics and computer science. He hopes to expand Teendemy and help create a better future for teens around the world.


Sterling Valentine

Sterling Valentine founded the first ever Infopreneur’s Think Tank in 2005, and has been a full-time Internet Entrepreneur since 2006.

He has personally generated over one million dollars in online sales as an affiliate, infoproduct creator, webinar trainer and consultant to clients from startups to the Fortune 500.

Sterling has spoken at seminars throughout the U.S.A. and Europe, including The World Internet Summit, Focus 4 The Future, JV Alert Live and The Learning Annex.

His hit podcast, “Debossified,” debuted on the Top 20 New & Noteworthy list on iTunes when it was launched in 2015.

He currently lives in New York.