The Mission

There's a huge problem with modern education.

We're not equipping the next generations with the skills they need to truly succeed out in the professional world. Whether their mission is to be an entrepreneur or a doctor, soft skills and life skills are important learnings that need to take place at a young age to build the foundation.

We're caught up with forcing the teenagers through this mainstream path that just may not be right for many of them. Giving them these skills enables them to find a career that they love and can thrive in.

It was out of this observation that Teendemy was born.

Teendemy aims to bridge the gap between academic education and professional success by bringing world-class experts to teach on what they think modern education misses out on.

We're excited to do this, and we hope you will join us on this journey as well.

The Team

Sumukh Setty; Founder

Sumukh is currently a rising senior at Babson College studying entrepreneurship. He formerly served as President of eTower for 2019, organizing Babson's biggest pitch competition ever. He currently serves as a Venture Fellow for Rough Draft Ventures and was with Contrary Capital earlier in his college experience. Previously, Sumukh ran TILE, the world’s largest conversation series. He also curated and led two TEDx events at his high school, and has been recognized as a Bank of America Student Leader in the past.