Many teenagers (including myself, at one point) go through the motions of life without ever trying to change it. School in the morning, activities in the afternoon, and homework in the evening, with entertainment sprinkled here and there throughout the day. This routine soon becomes second nature, and will continue until any sort of action is taken.

I consider the moment when I broke the so called “cycle” to be when I started meeting influential people, and interacting with them. There’s so much value and so much power in meeting people that can forever change the way you think about or look at something for the rest of your life.

In freshman year in high school, I had no direction and no “purpose” behind my life. I felt like I was just doing what needed to be done to get through the days. There was a part of me that wanted to break this cycle and do something to benefit the world, but I didn’t know how or what to do in order to start myself on that path. I also didn’t know what I wanted to do after college, and had no long term goals.

In the beginning of sophomore year, I attended a program called A-fest, which brings together around 300 visionaries and change makers in their respective fields to a resort, and includes amazing talks, parties and conversations. I recommend this event to any teen, it CHANGED my life. While I was there, I was able to mingle with so many extraordinary people, and soak up wisdom from their collective experiences. It not only taught me a lot, but it also made my “purpose” clear to me.

I went back home knowing that I wanted to become just like the people I had met during the event- successful, yet humble at the same time. I had nowhere to start, so I decided that I would make it my passion to help other teens become like those whom I had just met. In the process of making other teens successful, I had hoped that I would become influential as well. Since then, that passion has inspired so many of the decisions I have made and continue to make.

Shortly after A-fest, I started a TEDx branch at my local high school, with the goal of spreading different perspectives and a love of learning. I also joined a teen radio show, and have led the execution of several interviews. To this date, we’ve conducted 6 interviews, with more to come.

Soon after, I attended another A-fest, which pushed me even more. A-fests are run by a company called Mindvalley, and I approached the Founder of CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, about possibly creating Mindvalley for Teens. He was supportive of the idea in general, but I am sure he expected me to do something more than bouncing off an idea. After I returned home, I remember talking about my Dad about my conversation about Mindvalley for Teens, and I distinctly remember the first line he said to me:

“Why aren’t you starting this on your own?”

Out of the conversation, Teendemy was born. After months of hard work, we’ve reached this point, where we have courses, a website, and even students taking those courses. At the time of writing this, we have more than 300 students enrolled in various courses on the site.

I’m also so grateful to have the support of Vishen Lakhiani, as well as Kshitij Minglani, Mindvalley’s CFO, in this project of mine. They’ve pushed and inspired me to keep progressing and keep moving this project along.

It’s interesting because I’m definitely sure that I wouldn’t be at this point if I hadn’t been mingling among people 10x my level. Meeting with influential people at a young age redefined my vision for what I wanted to do in my life, and has even helped me get there.

So, why I am I telling you all of this?

If you are teen struggling with what you want to do in your life, one possible way to fix that is to start attending events and getting your name out there. Mingling with influential people might just provide that chain reaction in your brain that makes you realize what you were put onto this world to do.

It might just be the key to unlocking the life purpose you always had in you.